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  • I have a large PDF how do I break it up?

    There are a number of packages that will let you break up a large PDF file into smaller files.
    Please use our naming conventions when you save the smaller files.

    List of packages:
    Acrobat Professional (free online software)
    Mac Preview

  • What is the largest PDF I can load?

    1000 pages, really this is too large anyway and you are missing the benefit of the product. It should be broken up.

  • How can I make a PDF document searchable?

    If your PDF document is not already searchable, eBrief will make it searchable as part of its import process.

  • Why only PDF?

    We support having standards in place and the courts have agreed on PDF’s. Most documents can be converted to PDF.

  • What sort of documents does eBrief import?

    PDF Only

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